Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIWW: Christmas Gift Edition

(er, what I am GOING to wear, since I received- and purchased- many new clothing articles and accessories for my closet!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas spending time with family and friends, and remembering the TRUE reason for the season.

As my post suggests, this is WIWW: Christmas Gift Edition: all of these items were gifts or were purchased with gift cards/birthday money. Let's check it out!

Top: Kohl's (Apt. 9)

This top is cute, flowy, and can be dressed up or down. Also: add a cardigan and you can wear it in the winter!

Top: Kohl's (LC by Lauren Conrad)

Again, flowy. Flirty. Feminine. This is a terrible picture because it is a sheer shirt, so of course you would want to add a camisole.

Top: Charming Charlie's (on clearanceee)

Do you see a trend? I really like flowy tops and feminine details!

Dress: Charming Charlie's (also on clearanceee)

Another sheer article of clothing, so forgive me for the poor picture. This would look great paired with tights and boots, plus a cardigan for the cooler months. Also could be paired with cute sandals for the summertime. Here is the pattern up close:

Navy with mixes of mustard yellow, white, and orange. It also came with a skinny brown belt.

Pairs of shoes: Charming Charlie's (what? oh yes, on clearanceee!)

I am a fan of things being blinged out and glittery/sparkly. The little girls in my class LOVE when I have fancy things: "Mrs. Johnson, I like your shoes/necklace/headband/dress/etc" It's so cute!


(these were all items purchased with a giftcard: now here are some accessories I received as gifts)

Six scarves (one not pictured): starting from the top...

Beige/orange scarf: from my brother and sister in law, made in Thailand (where they were just living for two months) from silk (gorgeous)
Rainbow stripes: from my brother and sister in law, made in India (where they visited while they were in Thailand)
Hot pink: from my in-laws
Green/brown: from my in-laws
Gray leopard print: from my grandparents

Just a smidgeon of the loads of jewelry I got! From various people :)

Any fashion accessories given or purchased for the holidays?

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  1. Wow you got a lot of awesome stuff! I love all the tops, I can see a lot of different outfits in your future =)


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