Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Bob Harper...

... my husband and I truly enjoy your antics on "The Biggest Loser" and how you get people in shape. It's truly amazing to see. We enjoy your antics so much, we decided to purchase your cardio DVD with a few weights (3lbs for me, 10 lbs for Nate) this evening.

Can I just say... you. destroyed. us. We couldn't even get through the first 25 minute workout! Legs shaking, arms quaking, chests heaving... Yup. You dominated.

We'll be trying again tomorrow... Hoping to make it a tad further.

Love, The Johnson's

Monday, January 17, 2011

Visitors to the Burg.

Yes, we had another batch of visitors this weekend in Schulenburg!

My cousin, Josh, and his amazing fiance, Emily, came to visit us over the weekend. It was so refreshing and fun to have a couple our age to do things with! We took them to our favorite restaurants, we went shopping at some cute boutiques, we played LOADS of board and card games, and we even went to a hockey game!

Playing "Quelf", a crazy/random/hilarious board game!

Nate had to make his belt into ninja headgear, and Josh had to fashion a snorkel mask using household items.

Shopping at an adorable boutique! Love my future cousin!

We are adorableee housewives :)

YAY hockey! We saw the San Antonio Rampage, the semi-pro team. Nate planned a youth trip, so we also had 11 teenagers accompany us and Josh and Em! We had never been to a hockey game before, so it was very exciting for us. The part we enjoyed the post: the FIGHTING! Gotta love it.

I have a pretty hot hubster, if I do say so myself :)

We are so glad that Josh & Emily were able to visit: we are already planning another time for them to come this summer: golf, shopping, and the beach are all on the agenda!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wintry Weather

Hello. I live in SOUTH Texas.

Tomorrow, I will be waking up to a 21degree morning. Excuse me?

This wintry weather has caused some serious disturbances in our new year's goal! We haven't taken the pups for a walk since last... Friday? It's been freezing!!! It snowed in DFW, but we didn't see anything like that in South Central TX. My students haven't been to outdoor recess in two days! Makes for a crazy classroom.

But in other news...

Someone got a haircut! Now his cherry eye (inflamed eyelid) is super noticeable. It doesn't take away from his preciousness though :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We did it!

Day one, down. Aren't they cute walking?!

Unfortunately, it is raining today (the picture is from yesterday's walk around our neighborhood). Our pups are prissy... they don't like wet paws :) And I do not blame them. Hopefully we have a rain-free day tomorrow so we can continue with our resolution!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2011 :)

I woke up around 1pm today. Yep, that lock-in was draining! Ate a lottt of food, played a lottt of games, and had quality time with the pups (we brought them since we're still crate-training Oliver, we didn't want Chloe to be jealous, and we wanted to take them out to play every couple of hours so they would be sleepy when we got home and WE wanted to sleep: mission accomplished).

I've never been one for resolutions. There. I said it.


There are still a couple of things that I would like to do more often: if I don't accomplish them, I won't beat myself up about it, but it's always nice to have goals any time of the year :)

1. Take these guys out for a walk at least 4X a week.

Nate & I are so bad about this. Every night, we'll say, "Okay, TOMORROW, before dinner, we'll take the pups for a walk..." And then work happens. And when we get home, all we want to do is sit on the couch and crash. Lame... So by taking the pups for a walk 4X a week (instead of every day), I feel that is a more accomplishable (?) goal. Which leads me to #2...

2. Healthy healthy healthy!
Yes. The typical "eat better" resolution. If you do not know me but at all, know this: I do NOT eat vegetables. Nope, not a one (except dark green leafy lettuce... and corn... on occasion). Now, this isn't to say that I will be loading up my plate with veggies in 2011 (gag me now), but Nate & I feel that our cooking isn't up to par. We cook, don't get me wrong, but we also love a good ol' drive through for burgers (him) and chicken tenders (me) after work. We need to get better about that! So, 2011, cooking will be frequent and fresh and inventive. You got me? Kthanks.

That's all, really. Hopefully by taking the pups out, that will encourage our healthy habits when we eat (food/beverage choice - although I only drink water -, portion size of meal, etc). I'll keep you informed as to how many days we take the pups out.

(and a random "resolution" that I just need to improve upon: take higher quality pictures and more amounts of pictures, and get better about uploading them! I'm so lazy...)

For now, Happy New Year, and here's to 2011!