About Us

I like to call myself a "married girl living up the small town life".

I grew up in the huge metropolis that is DFW in Texas, went to college there, married there, had my first apartment with my hubby there... so, for 23 years? Then we packed it up and moved to an eensy, teensy town for his ministry position at a local church. It was in this town that I began working at a Catholic school as a Kindergarten teacher.

Nate is now the head pastor at our church, and I left the teaching profession to join Nate on-staff at our church: I am his ministry assistant (part-time)! We felt called for me to leave the hustle and bustle of the teaching profession to where I could be at home more and help him at the church. Total God timing! And plus, this will give us more opportunities to visit family on the weekends.

June 13, 2009: Our wedding day

Our honeymoon in Key West, FL: 2009

Our first Halloween as husband and wife in our apartment: 2009

And us, now, 5 years later: 2014

We have two fur-babies (pups) named Chloe (a spunky two-year old Jack Russell terrier) and Oliver (a lazy one-year old Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso... the verdict is still out as to which breed he is). These two dogs are like our children. Yes, we are THOSE people. They make our lives a wee bit more interesting and they are the best cuddlers ever!

-Shopping on the cheap (I find sport in it)
-Blog stalking
-Pinterest (who doesn't?!)
-Family and Friend time

-Any soda
-People who cut in line... psh

Have a look around and leave me some love, wontcha?