Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kinder Fun with Pumpkin Parts

Quick post about a project my kiddo's did involving pumpkins :)

We (as in me) carved a pumpkin, which the kids' voted on the type of face it would have (eyes, nose, mouth). Afterwards, we watched a video about how plants grow (they did that while I carved). Afterwards, they took turns pulling the seeds out (disgusting).

I took the seeds home for roasting, then took them back to school the next day so the kids could sample them. I mixed my seeds with butter and seasoned salt (delicious). Out of 17 kids, only 4 didn't like them, so that's pretty good for a 5 year olds' opinion.

THIS is the project we completed:

We discussed the parts of a pumpkin, then made each part with construction paper. The kids matched the label to the correct pumpkin part. They enjoyed it and now know the parts of the pumpkin!

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