Friday, December 31, 2010

A little bit of Christmas and a surprise...

Back to share a few pictures from our very Merry Christmas with family and friends :)

There was lots of playing with our 2 year old nephew (pictured here with his dad... and Nate is striking a pose...?)

And lots of snuggle time with our little baby!

But a fun "gift" we received when we got home...

A new pup! This is Oliver :) He's an 8 month old Shih Tzu and we received him from a family who was not-so fond of dogs... he is the SWEETEST pup ever! He and Chloe have already become fast friends and like to follow each other around the house. He is not crate trained, so that is the only "hardship" we have with him for right now. He is super sweet and loving, and we are so glad Chloe has a friend to play with now!

This was NOT staged! Who ever thought our little, excited Chloe could lay still long enough with ANOTHER dog and take a nap?! Not I. It's amazing!

Merry Christmas from the Johnsons!

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  1. Your puppy is precious! I'm glad you had a great Christmas!


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