Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Mini-Craft

I know, a little late: but I couldn't post before and let our dads see what they were getting!

Nate and I each gave our dad's a "real" gift: my dad got a Mavs Finals shirt (p.s. we are the CHAMPIONS if you were unaware) and a Hawaiian shirt (we are going on a family cruise in September). Nate's dad got a giftcard to Academy b/c the Johnson boys are currently obsessed with fishing :)

To go along with their gifts (and to be the gift for our grandpa's), I found this cutie patootie via eighteen25's blog! They found a tie template on Martha's website to fasten around a clear box. BUT I was at my in-laws, so no access to a printer... so I made with what I had and free-handed my own!

Here's my version!

I purchased four cute jars from Target, as well as some scrapbook paper. I cut out ties from the cute paper (one for each dad) and attached it to the jar with double-sided tape.

 Next, I used regular white printer paper to mimic the collar of a shirt and fastened that with double-sided tape as well.
Next, I filled it with an assortment of nuts (courtesy of the snack aisle at Target)!

SO cute. Happy Father's Day to them! :)

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  1. Holy smokes! Chrissy, so cute! And I know Brian loves keeping nuts in his desk drawer at work, so that makes it even better... I will have to tuck this idea away for next year... or Christmas :)


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