Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My To-Do List

Does anyone else feel like their summer is filled with TO-DOs? I do. Maybe I feel that way since I'm "off" work... there clearly is something I am supposed to be doing. So here's a rough draft of my to-do list. It's really more for me, but feel free to take a glance!

 In general...
-Lesson plan for the 1st nine weeks and arrange masters to be copied in accordion folder
-Go through Envisions lessons and pull out masters needed to be copy
-Create center rotation schedule for Amazons and Congos (my two groups of Kinders: goes with my jungle theme!)
-Create database for personal books
-Classroom layout
-Room two layout
-Bucket filler book and chart
-New job chart/center chart
-Paint rocking chair!!!
-Purchase magazine holders from Ikea (white) for student assessments/guided reading/math/etc
-Wall hangers outside for student work
-Classroom door
-Relabel binders (TLC, etc) and teacher manuals
-Make Noise-o-Meter
-Make brochure for orientation night (for parents)
-Make 1st day gift: heart crayon (DIY from old crayons)

To-Do's for centers
-ABC: make play-do mats for each letter
-ABC: make sheet protector binders for wipeable surfaces for various ABC activities (letter identification, blends, word families: see Pinterest)
-Writing: have sentence starters for each week/unit/theme (student will complete sentence and illustrate)
-Writing: have picture starters for each week/unit/theme (student will write about picture)
-Writing: make picture vocabulary cards and laminate
-Reading: make mini-"highlighter" popsicle sticks to hunt for WWW: with small jar
-Reading: have response sheets for read-aloud of week (illustrate favorite part)
-Big book: make pointers out of dowel rods
-Big book: make WWW hunt page: write WWW each time it is found in book
-Math: pattern cards, sorting pages, number identification


  1. Looks like a lot to do! Its my first year next school year, so I'm right there with you! I may have a little more to do though.... haha good luck crossing each one out this summer!

    -Ms. Osterman

  2. Holy to-do-list Batman! A teacher's work is NeVeR done! I'm hitting my 11th year in kindergarten and my garage {which is supposed to house my car} needs a visit from the kindergarten fairy. I have a lot of organizing and cleaning out to do this summer! Whew!

    Hope to see pics of the cute things you make!

  3. I also have an extensive to do list for the summer!! So glad to know that I am not alone in my craziness. Seems like my summer is never long enough to get all of my projects done. I just finished making over 20 some small draw string bags to keep supplies in for math centers (such as the dice and game pieces for the center or top it cards - from Everyday Math). I had to repair some of my chair pockets and I want to make some small pocket chart stands - like those from Lakeshore. And this is just a FEW of my to do's!! Pheww!!!! I have added myself as a follower to your blog. I am in the process of making my blog this summer (yes that is on my to do list also!) and it is in its bare bones stage, but I am liking it so far!!

  4. I posted your blog to try and help you get your last 4 followers. I hope you get them and a lot more!

  5. Your to-do list looks like mine... TOO LONG!!! HAHA! Good luck in completing all the items on yours!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten


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