Monday, September 26, 2011

Make: Paper Pumpkin Banner

I saw this adorbs pin on Pinterest from Better Homes & Gardens...

So I decided to make my own with the word "BOO" on them! I used patterned scrapbook paper and jute string. It is now hanging above my "mantle" (er, my shelving unit thingy). My pictures are not cooperating, but here are simple instructions:

1. Cut out orange scrapbook paper into circle/ovals, depending the shape you want for your pumpkin.
2. Fold back and forth, accordion style.

3. Attach a little stem made out of brown paper.
4. Cut out "BOO" letters using a Silhouette or just write it yourself and cut it out!
5. Add jute to make it cute :)

(Sorry I have no picture, but this picture should be easy enough to recreate on your own!)

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