Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Fall "Mantle"

I have already posted on my fall house here, but I wanted to focus on my mantle to participate in Layla's linky party on fall "mantles" (it can also be shelves, like mine is)!

My shelving unit that I decorate for all holidays :) (sorry for the dark quality of pictures: our dining room has ZERO natural light)

I purchased these Halloween letters at an outdoor antique fair thing. So cute! Candlesticks and eerie, black spiderweb-like cloth behind it.

I purchased these letter die to spell out "love" in front of a picture of Nate and I. Well low and behold I had the exact letters to spell out "evil" too: pretty appropriate for Halloween! A spiderweb candy bowl that is currently filled with leaves and a gourd until I purchase candy!

Small orange pumpkin, a glammed out, glittery, black pumpkin...

Happy Halloween at the Johnson household!

Check out all of the adorable Fall mantles at Kevin and Layla's blog!

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