Saturday, October 22, 2011

Teach: Scarecrow Directional Art

While I was pinning away one day via Pinterest, I found the cutest (SIMPLEST) Scarecrow to make out of construction paper from No Time for Flash Cards.

Last year, my class made scarecrows, but I had to cut out overalls, patches, shirts, etc. It was frustrating. And with 28 Kinders this year, I just wasn't seeing that happening!

I set to work cutting out my pieces for my kiddos (I use all squares/rectangles: if they need a square, I use the TLC method and have them cut four corners off and "round" it out to make a circle. If you have never used TLC books for directional art, I HIGHLY recommend them. They are great!) After I cut everything out, I went back to this picture and realized I cut my pieces a bit larger... But you'll see what I mean. Here are our versions!

(This little girl decided to add eyelashes to hers, baha. And we also didn't use googly eyes.)

(This little boy wanted to give his scarecrow a scary face so he could scare all the crows away!)

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