Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things: Print Art

I've been seeing inspiration on Pinterest lately of various subway, font, script, etc. types of art. And I want to recreate all of them. And I just found a place in my itty bitty town that sells pallets for a DOLLAR. What? I'll be checking that out a.s.a.p.


Here are a few that have caught my eye.

A sweet sentiment, could easily be recreated on pallet boards or canvas.

The wood, its stain color, and the sweet but simple message. All good things.


I have lots of scripture references like this pinned on my "Crafty" board, things that either I could print or recreate with my own layouts/colors/fonts. These would look great in a set in matching frames. And of course, they are always excellent reminders.

Now it's time to start CREATING (instead of just looking, wanting, pinning, etc). I have the inspiration, now I need to get the drive and motivation to just do it!

Any letter/print/saying art that you're wanting to recreate?

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