Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Boot Scootin'

I like boots. Boots with heels or boots that are flat. I'll be honest: I am not a fan of the "booties" that are popular... the boots that are a little higher than the ankle. No thanks. I'm all for tall boots (a little shorter than the knee... no thigh highs either)!

For my boot "collection", I have two pairs. Womp womp.

I have a "leather" pair with a small heel and pointed toe. They zip up on the sides and are nice enough to wear to work/church with a pair of slacks or with black tights.

(There's the toe/heel of them, via one of our engagement pictures!)

(You can kinda see the tops of my boots in this photo: I'm taking down the gifts/names at a wedding shower for my best friend... I really need to get better about taking photos of myself, gosh! This picture was also taken almost 3 years ago... geez look at my long hair!)

I also have "suede" (do you like my quotation marks? I am the epitome of cheap inexpensive, so I like to buy faux material products vs. the real thing, baha) brown boots that are flat. They slide on and look AWESOME with tights, jeggings, and dresses. They scrunch as well, making for a more comfy/casual look.

(I hope you know which one I am :) In the brown boots! My cousin-to-be (engaged to my cousin, Josh) Emily is wearing the black boots)

Here are a few pairs that I would like to get my paws on... Nate, Mom, are you reading? Size 6.5-7 :)


1. Image via here (on Pinterest: the original link was not found)
I like the casual look of these boots: flat, almost like work boots! Great for a casual, chilly day.

2. Image via here
Sleek, tailored, put together. Would polish off any teacher outfit!

3. Image via here
I like the color of these boots: like a gray, almost elephant-skin color. These would go with basically everything!

What styles of boots are you looming over this fall/winter season?

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