Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Couch! New Couch!

Yes, in case you didn't read correctly...

We bought a new couch tonight! Wahoo!

This is actually our first couch purchase since we've been married (well, first purchase of a couch ever for either of us: Nate got a couch for his college apartment for free from the church he worked at; one of my roommates' supplied our couch in our apartment)!

ANYWAYS, since we have been married, we've used a teeny couch from Ikea that was my brother's. Since he has been in S. Korea for the majority of the time, he didn't need it. Not that we don't love or appreciate it, but it is time for a new couch!

Here it is: our grown up, cushy, gorgeous couch! It says "gray" and looks gray, but it's really like a chocolate brown in real life.

It will be ready for pick up on Monday, hooray! I'm already itching to find new fabric to change out those pillow covers (or to make additional throw pillows)!

Who else feels like an OOBER grown up when you buy furniture? Ha!


  1. oooh i love it! and i know exactly what you mean. we def. felt like grown ups when we bought out first piece of furniture, haha.

  2. Go Chrissy ad Nate! I love the couch...looks comfy AND pretty..those two are hard to come by. Great job guys!

  3. yeah! that is exciting! : ) I was really excited when we bought our first "real" furniture too! have a good weekend!


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