Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photo a Day: Week Eight

Hope everyone has had an amazing week/weekend so far!

Here is a peek at my week through photos! Join us by leaving a link to your blog post with pictures from your week! Remember, nothing fancy-schmancy, these are all phone photos!

Everyday with the Jays

Sunday: A member of our church trains therapy/disaster relief dogs and here is his dog, Cody! Such a sweet boy and always gives the best lovin's! He visited us after our church service!

Monday: Happy President's Day! We weren't off of school, sigh, but we did learn lots and lots about presidents to prepare us for President's Day! Gotta love a Kindergarten representation of Pres. Obama!

Tuesday: Yes, I was a nerd and looked at every page of this book at Walmart. It is the "Tribute Guide" which gives information about each tribute in the Hunger Games (kind of like a program you would buy at a game). Again, I am a nerd... BUT I started the third (and final, no!!!) book tonight. I'm going to try to read it slowww. We'll see!

***missed Wednesday

Thursday: Project going on in our bedroom! The door that leads to our backyard has been letting rain water soak into the carpet... Ugh. So Nate ripped up a portion of the carpet to lay down these wood tiles. My picture for today was going to be the finished product BUT my phone is being lame. Next week!

Friday: This moment was too precious to not capture. Chloe's paw resting on Nate's shoulder. So sweet!

Happy weekend!


  1. Great pictures Chrissy! That last one is too cute! Hope you have a fun Dr. Seuss week :)

  2. very cute project for presidents day! and I can't wait to see the hunger games!


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