Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo a Day: Week Seven

Time for Photo a Day (where I share one photo from each day this week: well, most days... like I said, I was busy reading "The Hunger Games" this week!)

[last Saturday]: Painting in the guest bathroom closet! Hope to have the entire closet done by next week!

[Sunday]: We had a church fellowship at a gorgeous lodge on a lake (owned by two church members). So fun to fellowship and take in the beautiful scenery!
[Monday]: Our pretty couch arrived! Our pup-nephew, Ralf, enjoyed it! My brother and his wife came to visit for three days, yay!

 [Tuesday]: Happy Valentine's Day! These are a tradition every year: my favorite! Thank you, Nate!

***missed Wednesday, that's when I started reading "The Hunger Games"!

 [Thursday]: YAY! It is so good, couldn't put it down!

 [Friday]: NOOOOO! But I immediately started book two afterwards (already into part 2 of it)!

[Saturday]: I made Brittany's Red Velvet Cool Whip Cookies, although I used strawberry cake mix! They are DELICIOUS, so easy, and yum yum yummy! Go to her blog to get the recipe!


  1. i love your new couch and those chocolate covered strawberries! and i was looking for strawberry cake mix and couldn't find it!

  2. So glad your cookies came out well! Aren't they easy?! And you have me really wanting to read The Hunger Games...maybe I just will :)


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