Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Umm, it's February...

Dear Texas,

It's February.

It's supposed to be cold.

It's supposed to be icy and snowy.

We should of had a snow day by now!

But, no. You have sent us 70 degree afternoons. Rain showers. Sunny skies.

I'm not complaining, I  h-a-t-e  cold weather and bundling up. So, to you I say thank you!

A concerned, but thankful, Texan

In honor of the steamy days we've been having down South, I have been perusing some swimsuit options for this year. Usually, I get a two piece... but I'm starting to get the "Modest-is-hottest-and-I'm-too-"old"-to-sport-a-bikini" syndrome. I'm weird, I know.

And besides, I feel VERY vulnerable in a swimsuit: do you? Plus, I like to work on my tan and there's not a really good reason to have a tan stomach... no one sees it anyways, right? I mainly want my arms, chest, face, and legs to be tanned.

Here are a few options I have found: some are waaayyyy overpriced but others are reasonable! Click on the picture to go to its website.

[from Victoria's Secret]
This is my favorite. I really like the color and the style is perfect. Strapless, which is always a must when working on ones' tan. Also, the fit is very flattering!
[from Anthropologie]
This one isn't available anymore, but I really like the mint color and its style. The gathers make it very flattering and the bust is too cute with that button adornment!

[from Target]
This is the cheap inexpensive version of my first choice. The color isn't as exciting, but the price is about $100 cheaper, so athankyou. Still flattering across the stomach and bust, and the cut is cute too.

[from Target]
This one from Target is adorable! Same cut that I like, but with the added detail of a ruffle to add some flirtiness. Also, the pattern is too cute!

[from Southbeach Swimsuits]
I've never heard of this website until I found this image via Pinterest, but isn't this swimsuit darling? Black is always a good color choice in my book and the ruffles at the bottom are cute. Again, strapless is always a good choice!

Anyone already looking forward to summer? I miss my tan!


  1. These are all SO cute! Totally with you on the one-piece love...bought my first one-piece last year and vowed never to go back to the land of bare-tummies. And this weather is definitely abnormally warm for February...crazy Texas!

  2. We had 50 degree weather in NY today and I said the same thing! Love all the swimsuits you posted! So cute!


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