Monday, March 19, 2012

Refashion: Shirt into Skirt

I have seen so many sewing tutorials for turning a men's dress shirt into a skirt (which I will someday attempt with one of Nate's shirts that he doesn't wear anymore)... however, I had this lovely shirt (see below) from Forever 21, purchased when I was in college, that had a strap come off and it didn't fit just right anymore...

So I figured I could turn it into a skirt! And this was the E-A-S-I-E-S-T refashion ever because there was no sewing involved...

All I had to do was slice the top off! This shirt had a zipper on the side (see above... convenient? you betcha) which works for the skirt too!

Ta-da! Skirt [sorry for the poor picture quality: my closet lights are t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e and don't get me started on my mirror!].

I may go back and add elastic to the waist to give it a more fitted look. It is a b-i-t snug since it was intended to fit my true waist when it was a shirt (high-waist right under my chest) and now that it's by my hips, it's a different story for the fit. But it's super cute and the pattern/flowiness of it is so fun!

Do you ever refashion your clothes? Or just me?


  1. If I knew how to refashion clothes I'd totally do it! But I suck at sewing...big time! That is the cutest skirt though.. good job!

  2. So cute! I LOVE the pattern!

  3. I wonder if I could go this! Such a neat idea!!


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