Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photo a Day: Week Seventeen

Time for Photo a Day! This week will share photos from last Saturday-yesterday (Friday). I worked on a super fun but tedious project today in our guest bath that you will just have to wait and see! I'm super excited about it though!

Everyday with the Jays

[sunday]: sneak peek to our poppin' kitchen, which we shared about here.

[monday]: Oliver had the worsttt Monday for a pup... couldn't keep anything in his little ol' body, so we took him to the vet where we found out he had food poisoning (we are assuming he got it from an old bone he found across the street when he accidentally got out one day). Poor guy. Had to get two shots :( The sweet nurse (who visits our church from time to time) was kind enough to give him a hug and pats on his back so he wouldn't notice it as much.

[tuesday]: we got to play veterinarian to Oliver this week as we administered his meds to him (no needle in these syringes, his medicine went in his mouth: you had to kind of shoot it in there though). One of his meds was Amoxicillan... you know, that delicious pink medicine that had to stay in the refrigerator that we all took as kids? Lucky duck.

[wednesday]: Wednesday night youth at church. Hubby is praying and getting ready to lead a final lesson on King David!

[thursday]: banana nut muffins? okay.

[friday]: #oliverwithshoes it's just been that kinda week...

Happy weekend to you all! Tomorrow will be full of church, lesson plans, and finishing (maybe) my fun project in the guest bath!

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  1. ok, the pup at the vet picture almost made me cry. ok, it did make me cry. but other than that, great post! :)


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