Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seven Super Shots: Vacations

Mindy from The Blooming Daisy tagged me to participate in Seven Super Shots, which is seven amazing (and themed) shots from your past vacations! You all know I l-o-v-e to share photos (umm, have we heard of Photo A Day?) so this is right up my alley :) The original post came from here (I think!)

1- a photo that takes my breath away
Jamaica as we were pulling into port... gorgeous blue water, luscious green landscape... So pretty!

2- a photo that makes me laugh or smile
At Epcot (one of the parks at Disney World), there is a ride called "Spaceship Earth" (it is inside the sphere that is the "icon" for the park). The ride shows you the progression of human civilization from the cavemen era to the present and beyond. Towards the end, the ride will take your picture and insert the photo into a cartoon! It shows life in the future: it was hilarious!

3- a photo that makes me dream
Thanksgiving 2009 at Disney World in Orlando... "A dream is a wish your heart makes" 

4- a photo that makes me think
The couple who dresses together... stays together... Hahahaha didn't even realize this on the cruise! Green and white, that's how we do it.

5- a photo that makes my mouth water
Our honeymoon in Key West, Florida... we had JUST flown in (were married the night before, left our wedding night at hotel at 4am to make our flight to Atlanta- worst airport everrrr- and almost missed our connecting flight to Key West, and then our luggage didn't arrive...) and were exhausted! Mr. Z's pizza in KW is SO GOOD and Nate and I crave it about once a month.

6- a photo that tells a story
Pair of feet in the seat next to Nate on the flight home from Key West... thought it'd be so appropriate and considerate to take off her shoes and put her feet up... Yuck city.

7- a photo that I am most proud of (that you would want to see in National Geographic or something of the sort!)
Key West at sunset... Gorgeous!

You're supposed to tag people... but, I want to see everyone participate! So if you'd like, feel free to link back to this post and join in!

 Happy almost weekend!


  1. YAY!! I'm happy that you participated in the 7 Super Shoots:) You have quite a selection! The photo that tells a story, the face your hubby is making is hilarious!!! Your Jamaica picture of the beach is gorgeous!

  2. What fun pictures! That first picture is so dreamy and exactlty what dreams are made of. And secretly that pizza looks yummy ;)


  3. fun post!! I want to be right where that first picture is!

  4. I love Mindy!!! :) Such a fun idea! I love the photos! Sooo stinkin' cute!

  5. Great pictures! Jamaica sounds blissful right about now.

  6. Gorgeous pictures!! Disney world is at the top of my vacation destination list!

  7. The first shot is amazing... and #6 is hilarious!


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