Friday, June 15, 2012

DBU Baseball

I'm sailing the Caribbean right now, so my posts will be random. Enjoy!

Not sure if you were all aware, but Nate and I are proud DBU Patriots (Dallas Baptist University)! It is a small, private school in... Dallas, ha.. We don't even have a football team... but we are a HUGE baseball school. It is our one program that is Division One (up there with UT, Baylor, TCU, etc), so we get excited when playoffs come up and DBU gets to be recognized with the big dogs!

Last week, DBU was in the Waco Regional Baseball Tournament (sort of a "qualifier" of sorts that eventually leads to the College World Series). DBU beat ORU, they beat UTA, so our next game was against Baylor.

Emily (my sister, Maid of Honor, best friend, our parents are best friends) graduated from Baylor and both of our moms graduated from DBU, although Em's mom roots for Baylor, so we convinced our moms to make the drive to Waco with us to cheer on our respective teams in the final game! It was a lot of fun and although DBU lost, it was neat to attend!

Baylor's baseball field. Packed house of mostly Bear fans, but our Patriots still drove the 1.5 hours to make the game!

Me and my mom: get your guns up!

Emily getting her bear claw out: Sic 'Em!

It was S.O. H.O.T. We had to find random seats right in the sunlight in between a bunch of Baylor fans... Yeah, I was out-numbered in my section.

 Me and Em

Good fun! What is your favorite sport? Baseball is mine and Nate's. We enjoy watching football and basketball as well, but we just like the classiness and good ol' American game of baseball!

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