Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kindle Fire Cover

I found the most fantastic tutorial for a Kindle Fire cover from Charm Stitch! With all of the traveling I have done/am going to do this summer, I knew I wanted to sew something so my Kindle would be protected.

The tutorial calls for a button and elastic, but I had neither so I used a ribbon to secure the top. Either/or will work just fine! I used scrap fabric that I had lying around, but I think I want to make another one that has fabrics that coordinate more together. The tutorial also shows how to make pockets and a skinny pocket for a pen. So efficient!

I am not going to post the tutorial on how to make it since it is not my original. If you want to make your own, head to the link posted at the top or click here!

Happy Thursday! Nathan is in his best friend's wedding this weekend, so we will be heading out of town soon to get the celebration started!


  1. that is one cute cover. but first I must get a kindle. hmmm.
    have fun celebrating!

  2. Cutest cover ever!! You are so talented!


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