Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photo a Day: Week Twenty Two

Week twenty two. Sheesh.

I am happy to report that no pictures this week will come from my classroom: hooray for the first week of summer!

Everyday with the Jays

Sunday: Movie date night with Nate! We went to the town next to us (about 20 minutes away) to their adorable theatre. One movie, one showing. Precious small town life.

Monday: First project of summer, completing a pouf for my cousin's bridal shower. Mastered! Oliver's pretty stoked about it.

Tuesday: Got the sewing bug this week. Picked up adorable striped fabric to make this skirt (post coming soon). I made it (after resizing it four times, sheesh, I kept making it too big!) but my thread chose to be wonky, so I probably won't wear it out. But.....

Wednesday: I found a new tutorial and made this skirt (again, post coming soon)! So cute and flowy/twirly! 

Thursday: The summer traveling begins. Chloe is such the travel bug.

Friday: Family time is always a good time. Nate with our nephew, Wyatt :)

Happy Saturday to all!


  1. yeah for summer!!! i've made a few poofs for different showers and I love how they turn out! I like making skirts/other sewing projects but always realize after that it was so much work, I don't love how it turned out and I could probably find a similar one really cheap on clearance, but there is till something about doing it yourself!

  2. Yay for making the poofs!

    And I would love to go to a theater like that! I've never been!

    And that is so awesome that you made that skirt! It is so cute!

  3. I LOVE your black and white skirt! You are such a great seamstress!! I wish you could come teach me a few things :). And your sleeping puppy is precious. Hope you are loving your summer break thus far!

  4. your dog is sooo cute :):) super cute blog you have here! just wanted to say hello and please come check out my blog sometime :D


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