Friday, August 3, 2012

[love] Exhaustion

Are you ever just... exhausted?

Physically, mentally, spiritually... I am running low on fumes! This has been a hectic week with classroom prep in the morning (i.e. cleaning, dusting, organizing my classroom) and VBS in the evenings (i.e. schedule preparation, student organization, rotation checking, clean up).

I like to be busy and have things/events to attend, but sometimes it is nice to just be... Be still. Be quiet. My legs and feet are aching, my head hurts (I'm pretty sure I need glasses but let's not discuss that). All this to say that this week has been a successful one. One full of joy, friendship and community growth, and progress.

Exhaustion is definitely a noticeable factor in our lives that gets us down and out. But sometimes, exhaustion is the product of success. Does that make sense? I'm SO tired because I've had an awesome week.

Truly blessed. Blessed by my God. Blessed by my husband. Blessed by my church family. Blessed by my career choice. Awesome week. Now to relax and watch the Olympics :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. I feel you! I haven't been nearly as busy as've been going 90 to nothing! I hope you guys have had a wonderful week and VBS has had a great turn out :). Love that, despite the craziness, you still take time to be thankful for your blessings. You are special, Miss Chrissy!

    p.s. LOVE your bedding.
    p.p.s. Have a great weekend!


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