Friday, August 24, 2012

[love] Four Favorites for Friday

Ahh, the first full week of school is complete. And as a reward to myself for a job well done (ha!), I want to treat myself with virtual window shopping. Join me as we do the best kind of shopping: free shopping!

Store: Forever 21

[one]: Sheer Pleated Collar Top
The structure of this piece is appealing to me: a bit of a throwback teacher-vibe, don't you think?

[two]: Metallic Tribal Print Top
Flowy, patterned, and shiny. Yes please.

[three]: Geometric Print Top
I'm seeing a pattern here. Again, flowy and with a pattern.

[four]: Metallic High-Low Sweater
This top would be fun for a weekend event, possibly a date night (hint, hint Nate!)

Wasn't that fun? Virtual window shopping. This may be my Friday wind-down-from-the-week new tradition. I like the shopping appeal. Nate loves the free appeal. Everyone wins! So my goal each week will be to find four favorite things for Friday (also, I like alliteration if you couldn't tell).  Happy weekend, friends!

"This is the story of the Son of God hanging on the cross for me. But it ends with a bride and groom and a wedding by a glassy sea. O death where is your sting? Cause I'll be there singing holy, holy, holy is the Lord." -The City Harmonic


  1. I loooove that first pretty and feminine! I think you're onto something with this online window shopping business :) hope y'all have a great weekend!!

  2. that's a nice friday tradition! too bad they don't end up on your doorstep saturday morning. :) LOVE number one!


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