Sunday, September 2, 2012

[photoaday] Week Thirty Five

It has been a great week but an even greater start to my three day weekend because my parents are in town!!! Love when they come to visit!
Everyday with the Jays
[psst: if you take photos this week, use my button on your blog post and leave me a comment on THIS post with the link to YOUR blog post with your photos.... that's not confusing at all, is it? once you do that (and assuming you're a follower of mine), I will feature your blog with a few of your photos! remember ladies, sharing is caring :)]

[sunday]: Our usual Media Shout person for church was gone, so guess who got recruited to run the slides for the worship and sermon at church? #lifeofapastorswife I was so nervous but I survived! And it was fun, who would've thought?

[monday]: I already shared with you my fabulous capris courtesy of $10 and eBay. I just purchased two other shirts today, one from the Gap and one from Old Navy: one cost .91 (yep, cents!) and the other cost $6 with free shipping! May have a problem...

[tuesday]: High school sports are back! Tuesdays are volleyball and those games can get intense! I never played volleyball..... well, ever, but it's fun to watch!

[wednesday]: Cold pizza for dinner... youth and Bible Study at church can do this to a couple!

[thursday]: Tried a new Chinese restaurant nearby and this was my fortune! Predicting my fabulous weekend, perhaps? Ha!

[friday]: These two pups were ready to see their grandparents (aka my parents: yep, we're that family). I was getting the guest bedroom ready and the pups joined me. How kind of them!

[saturday]: (originally I had used a different picture for today but I changed it to this one because it is just too cute!) Shopping at Hobby Lobby! Two thirds of us are pleased with the trip. Oh Dad :)

Have a LOVELY weekend and an even more fabulous Labor Day holiday! Hoping you are all off and spend time with family or perhaps create a craft or two! I have a project up my sleeve that I'm so excited about: we will see how it goes!

"So in this hour, everything I do will be all for this moment, everything's for you. My heart is open and willing, so take it."- The Rocket Summer

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  1. Mmmmmmm cold pizza is yummy! Pizza in any form, really :). How cute are you and your parents?! Cant wait to see what fabulous project you create!!


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