Sunday, September 29, 2013

[beauty] Jade and Gold Nails

Does anyone else watch beauty video channels on YouTube? I am addicted!!! Channels like Miss Glamorazzi, Zoella, Eleventh Gorgeous, and Fleur de Force are a few of my favorites. Addicting. 

Now I am not much of a "beauty-buff", but I like to be girly, so these videos have been making me more interested in beauty related items... Like nail polish and painting my nails! I'm a huge fan of pedicures, so I only paint my nails. That has now become my Sunday night ritual: new nail polish night!

This was last week's choice:
Let me further explain that I am not a nail technician, so there are plenty of mistakes. Eh well. I then grabbed my gold glitter nail polish (not pictured) and painted over my ring finger nails. It was so cute and TOTALLY out of my comfort zone... I'm usually a red/pink/neutral gal. But tonight I tried to take it off with nail polish remover and geez Louise! I had to get dish soap and scrub my nails and skin to get the greenish color off. Ugh. Most likely will not be using it again for that reason. 

So what about you? What nail colors do you venture out and use?



  1. I love that nail color, it's gorgeous!

  2. Gosh I wish i could keep polish on my nails...darn pre-schoolers lol. LOVE the color!


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