Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[life] I Can't Live Without... My Favorite Wine #1

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For Lauren & Lauren

Now, for starters, let me clarify. I, as a Christian, am not of this world. Material possessions are just that: MATERIALS. They will not last nor will they sustain us for life. Only Christ can do that: if you would like more information on how to build a loving and lasting relationship with our one true God, please PLEASE let me know! I would love to share!

Point two: this series with Katie (and there's another gal doing it too at Pursuit of Pink) is titled "I Can't Live Without...", which is a way to share with fellow bloggers things they currently like or enjoy. So I am going to post in that regards: these are things I can most definitely live without (see paragraph above) but they are things that I truly do enjoy and think are worth their cost.

Clear as mud? Am I being that person? It's okay :) Read on!

Okay, by the looks of these photos, it makes it look like I drink... a lot. But I really don't. I shared these photos to show what I LIKE to drink, which is mainly water. 99% of the time. But I have been known to order a fruity drink on a cruise, a margarita at a Mexican restaurant, or down some hot chocolate when it is BEYOND FREEZING outside.

But this week's post is not about any of these things.

This week, I would like to share the thing I'm enjoying the most (well, besides water: water is THE best)... this wine from... WALMART. I know, high class up in here. It is the Beringer Pink Moscato. Yum!

Its cost: $4.97. Yep! I am not that big of a drinker, like I stated above, but we have some really awesome wineries down in our area of Texas (South TX), so I'm slowly learning to figure out what I like in regards to wine. I am in no way a red wine person... far, farrrr too dry for my taste. So far, I know I like Sweet White and Pink Moscato. This wine was first given to me by a girlfriend at her home. It's great for beginners! And you feel classy/grown up at the same time. Ha!

This will be a weekly series shared by Katie, so head over to her blog to read what everyone else is currently enjoying. Who knows? Maybe next week I'll share a favorite clothing item, book, or restaurant...


Have a great week!


  1. Clear as mud :) I totally thought the same thing as I sat down to write my post! I COULD live without the item I blogged about today and it was a good reminder! Um, I am such a Beringer fan - but my favorite is the white Zinfandel :)

  2. Yum! I love a good glass of wine. You guys can get such cheap wine. That bottle is about $13 here. Canada. :(

  3. yes definitely things we could live without :) I am the same way and love a class of cheap wine! do you have aldi by you? they have $3 wine and it's good to me!!

  4. I'm so glad you linked up!!! And yes, I agree - being a Christian myself, we definitely can live without these things. :) I used to be a dry wine drinker until I got pregnant and didn't drink for over 2 years. Now, I'm a sweet wine girl and love Moscato. I'll have to check this out!!!


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