Wednesday, April 15, 2015

[food] Pinterest Recipe Round-Up #1

Alright, we should preface this post with the fact that I am not a baker nor chef. I enjoy the concept of cooking, but sometimes it doesn't translate to my fingertips. But I am trying to get better, thanks to the likes of Pinterest!

The past month, I have declared my commitment to try out new (easy) recipes to easily incorporate into our eating menu or to make a fun/new dessert for us to enjoy throughout the week or to take when visiting friends.

Today, I am sharing three EASY recipes I found through Pinterest. I will link the original sources, so if you want the recipe, check it out there. The pictures below are all my own creations/interpretations of the recipe. Enjoy!

one//Easy Potato Skins from I Heart Naptime: Y'ALL. These are delicious. I am a bit impatient when it comes to preparing baked potatoes, but these were so incredibly easy. Slice potatoes. Butter. Season. Bake. Top. Bake. So easy, so good! Nate and I may have devoured this entire pan...

two// S'mores on a Stick from Cupcakepedia: The Wednesday before Easter, our church had an evening service and fellowship afterwards. My contribution were these bite-sized s'mores on a stick. Oh my HEAVENS. Simple to make: Toothpick. Melted chocolate. Crushed graham crackers. Refrigerate. Easy peasy! They were a huge hit: next time I think I'll use more chocolate, but overall... divine! And I am all about bite-sized things (see above, ha!).

three// Hot Milk Cake from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures: Nate and I aren't big into sweet cakes with tons of sugar and frosting, so when I was perusing Pinterest for a simple cake that had everyday ingredients in it, I was stunned to find this recipe. This is an old recipe dating back to the Depression Era. How cool is that?! It is a bit more technical than the two prior recipes I shared, but you guyssss.... It uses warm milk in the batter! It tasted SCRUMPTIOUS. Firm, but moist. Filling. A perfect treat to end your night. The hardest part was getting it out of the dang bundt pan! I highly recommend this cake if you're looking to use simple ingredients you already have on hand.

Do you use Pinterest for your weekly/monthly/special occasion meals? I feel like my personal cookbook needs a shake-up every now and then, so I like to check out how to make the same things in new ways (hence the potato recipe above, or a new way to present a sweet at a social gathering, or an enhanced recipe on ingredients I already have at home). If you have any go-to recipes, leave a link and I will check it out!

Have a great week!


  1. These all look delicious! I have to try those potatoes! Nate could eat those as a main meal! ha

  2. These look really good! I love pinterest when I'm getting sick of my go-to meals! I meal plan every weekend and meal prep on Sundays so finding EASY healthy recipes is always my goal! Pinterest is a gold mine! :)

  3. Every single thing looks delicious! I totally want those s'more pops & it's not even 8AM yet.


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