Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[travel] I Have Always Wanted To Travel To...

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Travel. I really enjoy the concept of visiting new places, eating at local restaurants and hole-in-the-wall locations, and traveling with my best friend (that would be my husband)!

If I had alllll the money in the world and was able to go ANYWHERE... that's such a hard call to make. There are SO MANY PLACES in the world. How could you choose just one?

I think it goes without saying that my all-time favorite way to travel is by cruise ship. It's relaxing. Accommodating. And you visit multiple countries within the span of a few days. Grant it, you don't spend a long time at any one place (just a day), but it's a great way to see lots of places for an inexpensive price.

To make things simple(er), I have decided to narrow down my choices by way of how I would get there: air, land, and sea. Cute, right?! [If you want to "pin" the photos below, please click the source link and go straight to the source. Thanks!]

Maldives: Doesn't this look magical? I'm all for clear water and relaxation. Especially if there is no sand. Yuck! When we go to the beach, if the water isn't clear, I'm not getting in. I don't like critters. This clear gorgeousness is right up my alley.

Charleston, SC (USA). It would definitely be do-able to take a summer road trip from TX to the East Coast and visit this quaint town. I have always heard great things (and the food is amazing, I'm sure of it) and I am a fan of historic buildings and culture. Definitely on my to-do.

St. Maarten/St. Martin. This island getaway, again, would meet my criteria of clear water. There is sand, but I will survive! Those palm trees and that secluded land scape? Take me there now! I'm sure the cruises that travel here most likely depart from Florida, so I may have to check into that.

See more of my travel to-do's on my Pinterest board "Vacation Spots"!

Now it's your turn: where would you like to travel? If you could go ANYWHERE? Or, where is a must-visit place that you have already traveled to?

Happy Hump DAY!


  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I would travel every day if I could. I just love it. Love seeing new places and trying new things. I have never been on a cruise, but sure hope to one day. All of these places look amazing!

  2. Oh girl! Charleston is so dreamy! It's easily one of my most favorite places I've been! I'd go back in a heartbeat!

  3. Oh, I would love to travel! I asked my husband if we could take a beach vacation next spring/summer & hopefully it will work out.


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