Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[travel] Yo-Ho, A Cruiser's Life For Me

Happy Wednesday to you all!

While this will SOUND like a sponsored post, I promise it is not.

Now is the time of year when families begin to plan their summer vacations. Nate and I, personally, like to travel during the off-season: inexpensive, less children traveling, and the "party" scene isn't as prominent as it is during Spring Break or summertime. 

Of course, you all know by now, our favorite way to travel is by CRUISE ship. We have traveled with Carnival and Princess, which are both favorites. They are both owned by the Carnival Corporation, but are two different fleets within the company. Both ships have things to offer to every age/personality type, but we feel Carnival is more family-friendly, party atmosphere, with bright colors and loud noises to accompany. Princess is a bit more elegant, fancy, and classic. We loved our time with both ships, so it really just depends on what you are looking for.

Here are two videos I created (on YouTube) capturing our time with both ship fleets. Forgive the amateurishness of them both, I'm not a pro :)

Princess (Spring Break 2013... I know, I know. I just said we don't like to travel during SB, but we just happened to that year because we traveled with my family: we traveled to Belize and Cozumel, and were supposed to go to Honduras, but it was too windy to dock the ship)

 Carnival (January 2015: we traveled to Key West, FL and the Bahamas)

If you ever have questions about cruising, want to know "hidden" tips from an experienced cruiser, or are just wondering what the heck you do on a massive ship for a week, please let me know! I LOVE to talk cruising!


  1. Love the videos you made! Now I want to go on a cruise even more. My parents just returned (about 3 weeks ago) from a 7 day cruise and they had a blast. They are already talking about going back soon! The shoe hanger thing is genius!! I think I could use that for many of our trips and will remember it when we cruise! Do you guys typically leave from Galveston? PS – what tool do you use to get the fabulous waves in your hair? Or are those natural? Gorgeous!!

  2. I'd love to go on a cruise some day, but am so nervous!

  3. We are cruisers too!! :) We do royal caribbean because my husband and his family have been cruising with them literally since he was a little kid. But we love it! We did a cruise to Cozumel and Belize last spring break also and we had so much fun! We just went on one for our honeymoon too!! Nice to see someone else who likes cruises like we do. :)

  4. We LOVE to travel, including going on cruises!!!
    PS. How cute are you?
    PPS. I saw you are from DFW! Fun, where?!


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