Friday, August 7, 2015

[five things]

Okay, so apparently I took the entire summer off from blogging. Whoops! Getting inspired again... bear with me.
 1//Some pre-dinner snackage on pineapple

This week, I started my second part-time job: now I've got TWO. Sounds a bit daunting, but it's only 10 hours/week at each place, one of which is with my husband, so I'm really excited about the flexibility I will have. Compared to a classroom job that I was used to for 5.5 years, I'm excited to wake up when I want to, eat lunch with my husband, and plan my days accordingly.

I was inspired by Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere to start posting "five things" on Friday that happened during the week or things I have been enjoying. Sound fun? Read on!

 2// Enjoying some nightly truths via She Reads Truth (available online and the app store): daily devotionals and bible readings for women. Plus they have super-cute scriptural/hymn wallpapers for your phone, and daily images (like above) that you can share on social media.
 3// Emily's blog: have you read it? Fashion, food, travel, beauty. Plus she's written two (I think?) books that I want to snatch up!

4// Have you heard of KEEP Collective? It's a branch off of Stella & Dot, where you can host parties and earn rewards, and sell it yourself as your personal business. My friend Jen hosted a party at her house on Tuesday and I ordered a rose gold/saddle bracelet with a "faith" key (what they call the variety of charms) to go on it. It's like a charm bracelet, but a flat version. Check out their website: it's fairly new and the fall line just released... gorgeous! (I don't sell it or anything, I just think they're cute!)

5// Y'all, it is HOT in Texas. I am ready for fall, which really arrives around end of November/December here... bummer. So when I found this article on Pinterest, I got pumped (via Stylishlyme). What style of boot do you like?

Happy weekend!

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  1. Pineapple YES please! So good!!! Loving Stella's new line! So pretty!!!

    And, the SRT has been so good! I love that they are coming out with a version for males!


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