Friday, January 29, 2010


This day has been full of up and down emotions.

Terrible morning. Kids would notttt be quiet. Called Nate at lunch and cried (for multiple reasons). Okay afternoon. Had surprise yearbook pictures... awesome... Sent a kid home with 100.6 fever (great things are going around my room...) but it was a better afternoon because we made fun water cycles using construction paper :) AND I got to leave at 3:30pm!


Nate just had an exciting phone call!!!!!!!!!!!!! Details to come as I can release them.

Tonight, Nate is having the youth up at the church to have a game night! It'll be fun: I'm in the mood for a hard-core game of Monopoly (with debit cards, holla). AND thin crust cheese pizza from Domino's! No one in my family likes Domino's, so I never get it... I love it!

Saw on YHL the Do-It-Yourself magazine (or DIY) and I've decided I want to subscribe.

This has been a random post, but it's been a random/blegh day.

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