Monday, January 25, 2010

When is Spring Break again?

Boy, did I take MLK day for granted last week.

It was nice having a four-day work week last week. I know it's only Monday, but I can tell it's going to be a l.o.n.g. week. Today was such a dragginggg day! Let's see what's on the agenda for this week:

-The Water Cycle
-Writing about our favorite fruits
-Comparing maps and globes
-Repeating and Additive patterns
-Entering TPRI data into D2SC (blegh)
-Tutoring Tuesday and Thursday

And I'm sure about 1732 more things will come up. That doesn't seem like much, but... it is (I don't really have much more of an argument...) LUCKILY I get to come home to Nate and Chloe everyday, which makes for a much better day :)

This weekend, we were able to hang out with two very good friends of ours, Ashton and Roger. We went to DBU with them (Ash & I went through college together: EDUC majors) and they were married about 10 months before us. They also have a dog, Bella, so we were able to take Chloe too and they had a fun dog play date! We enjoyed watching our dogs play, eating at Johnny Carino's, and going back to their house in Mansfield to watch a movie. Spending time with friends is the absolute best!

I have made two decisions this past week.

#1. I will shut down "teacher mode" around 4:30 everyday, unless something MAJOR is going on. I really enjoy preparing activities and whatnot for my class (sometimes) but when the "required" content/materials are forced down my throat, it makes teaching a lottt less fun. Not the reasons I became a teacher. So I've decided I (and Nate for that matter) will be a lot happier if I shut down "Mrs. Johnson" before I get home.

and #2. I will use my weekend time for me, not just my job. Yes, I have to work over the weekends to prep for the following week... BUT this does not mean my ENTIRE weekend. I have committed to doing one craft/DIY project a weekend. This past weekend, I painted/covered a plain white serving tray with brown paint and scrapbook paper (and quite a bit of mod podge). It was very therapeutic and I enjoyed it! I've been getting a lot of ideas here at YHL (the young couple who has completely renovated their home and posts all sorts of DIY projects). I'm addicted!

Hopefully this week proves to be better than last. I'm just counting week by week until spring break... I may have to take a personal day in February. Not sure if I can make it to March...

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