Thursday, February 4, 2010


Symptoms. Headache. Pain around eyes and ears. Congested throat/chest. Chest feels heavy. Fever? w/chills.

I stayed home from work today. I'm feeling better than what I felt this morning, but I still do not feel 100%. My chest feels soooo heavy, it hurts to move. My throat hurts when I talk. I don't want to go to CareNow because I'm sure it's nothing.

I'm going back to work tomorrow b/c I'm entering test data into this system and I forgot two of the tests in my room... that's the ONLY reason I'm going tomorrow. Then, if I still feel bad, I'll go to CareNow Friday night or Saturday.

For now, back to the covers and cold pillow with Chloe. Her and Nate have been fantastic doctors :)

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  1. Boo Boo, I hope you feel better soon! I replied to your comment on my page- I WOULD LOVE ANY OF YOUR HELP!!! seriously, love. that would be AWESOME!


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