Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Crazy Week!

So let's start with last Thursday. I missed school last Thursday and Friday due to a fever and nonstop cough. I paid a visit to good ol' CareNow and they declared strep throat. UGH. Not ideal for a job where you are required to talk all day. Not only talk, but constantly talk... over 19 six and seven year olds. It was nice to rest because I felt TERRIBLE, but I was ready to get back to work (ONLY for the reason that I hate feeling behind).

Now Monday comes along... I wake up, get ready for work... and I can't breathe. Literally, I am standing at the sink trying to catch my breath. What? I didn't have a fever, but my cough was unbearable!!! Also, Sunday I had felt nauseous all morning/afternoon and I woke up nauseous again. So I called in to school and made ANOTHER appointment with CareNow. They switched my medication and even gave me an inhaler... Weird! I've still yet to use it. Makes me nervous.

I went to work Tuesday-today and I felt fine except for my throat. My class does NOT understand the concept of whispers/inside voices... it's been awesome trying to talk over them.

Today started as a normal day... WAIT, no it didn't! It was POURING (for lack of a better word) SNOW!!! It is the most I have ever seen in Texas everrrrr. It was gorgeous! At 11:20 (right at lunch), we received word from the district to start calling parents encouraging them to pick up their kiddos. Hooray! In all the rush of getting them out of lunch/getting backpacks/whatnot, I told my kids to just leave their folders (from the suggestion of one parent). By 1pm, I was down to two kids. Since I live far away from GP, the principal said I could leave at 1:30pm to go home. Hooray! I love spending time with Nate and Chloe.

TOMORROW we have no school. I have mixed feelings about it because although it's nice to have a 3-day weekend, I don't want to make it up... but it's not until May 31... that's towards the end of school... We'll see how I feel.

I am SO excited for tomorrow because we are road-tripping to Lousiana with our amazing friends Kristi & Derek Reed! We're having a couple's road-trip Valentine's weekend! It is going to be so fun to relax and have fun with another couple: it's awesome to have married couple friends who are going through the same kinds of things that you are. We absolutely adore them!

Me and Kristi on her wedding day :)

Happy 3-day snowy weekend everyone!!!

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