Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our News

Well, it's official.

And I can FINALLY share it!!!

Nathan has been called to First Baptist Church of Sburg, TX as their new music/student minister. We went last weekend during Easter in view of a call and the church accepted us with open and very loving arms: needless to say, I am SUPER excited about our new church family and the opportunities God will give us to minister alongside them.

Now, along with this change comes a few more changes... Nathan's first Sunday in Sburg will be May 2nd... yes, school is still going on at this time. I will be here in the DFW finishing the year out, then I will join him in June. I'm hoping it goes by fast: a lot of people have been telling us "oh, you can do it, it'll be easy, it'll be good for you" blah blah blah. Yes, I'm aware. Yes, it'll be fine. But why would I want to be HERE when Nate is getting to start his brand new ministry? :( I'm hoping this makes the school year whisk by! I'm ready to go!

A woman at the church has offered us her "apartment" to stay in (for free!) until we find something permanent: she converted the upstairs of her garage into an apartment (2 bedroom, 1 bath, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room). It's really nice but we are hoping to find a house first. It would be nice to save the money and whatnot, but I will still feel like a visitor instead of feeling like I MOVED to Sburg. We have our eyes set on this one house, so if financing/mortgage people all work out, it may work!!!! I am HOPING. Crossing our fingers and hoping God says it's a-okay in His will :)

Other than that, nothing really has been going on with the Johnson clan: that major news has been keeping us quite busy! School is school. My kiddos have made me oober sick, again. This time, ear infection and sinus infection. I haven't heard anything out of my left ear for over a week and I have missed 2.5 days of school this past week. Gag: I hate having to come back to make up for time lost! It's amazing to see how much my kids have grown over the year, but there are those who still haven't gotten it yet... I have a few that are going to be retained, and it's amazing how it's the same students whose parents I cannot get a hold of to tell them! The joys of being a teacher.

We are going on our first class field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium: I'm hoping it goes by smoothly!!! I know I'll be counting 19 heads the whole time I'm there (instead of enjoying myself... I guess the trip isn't really for me, so that's okay). This reminds me of the trips with Summer Sonshine :) I least I know the logistics of trips w/kiddos to the aquarium. Hopefully I can post pictures!

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