Friday, June 25, 2010

Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes

Lots of news going on with the Johnson fam since I last updated!

1. I got a job! I will be teaching Kindergarten (double triple YAY) at a Catholic school... Low pay, but the school pays 100% insurance. Plus the school is super close to where we are living, so our gasoline bill will be low. Yay! And I'm back to a grade that I WANT to teach. I'm really excited about it!

2. We are about to become homeowners! We have flip-flopped, switched houses, and gone back and forth since April, and we are exhausted! We will be purchasing a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath in the Burg and we are stoked about it. All the paperwork is done, so now we need an appraiser to come in and our mortgage lender to do a few more things before we close at the end of July. Can't WAIT. Soon this blog will become our lives/decorating/home improvement. Woot!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my site and saying Hi! And congrats on being a new homeowner! That is such an amazing, exciting feeling! Enjoy the process! :)


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