Friday, July 9, 2010

Youth Camp


Nate, 12 students, two sponsors, and myself just returned from a 5-day youth camp in Leakey, TX. It was a great week of growing closer to God and bonding with our new youth group. Jeff Johnson was the worship leader (he did an awesome job) and David Burk was the speaker. The camp was unorganized and we were really frustrated at the beginning, but it got better as the week progressed. Needless to say, I think we'll be attending either Centrifuge or StudentLife camps next summer.

Nathan and I didn't have a "family group" (aka a group of students from various churches to meet with/do activities with). Instead, we walked around taking pictures of our students and attending different sessions with different groups. It worked out nicely because we felt that as new members of the church, we needed to bond with our own students instead of building bonds with random students. Us girls also met new girls from another church (we shared a room with them). It was a lot of fun going as a sponsor: definitely a different experience from going as a student!

I'll upload pictures soon: We are pretty tired and Chloe is falling asleep in my lap as I type this... she spent the week at a "puppy club" (cough boarding place cough) and she always gets super tired when she gets home. We need our beauty rest. Goodnight!

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