Sunday, October 10, 2010

Front Porch for Fall

A family from our church had their front yard all decked out for Halloween... pumpkins, scarecrows, etc. This inspired me to get busy with our front stoop. Yes, I know I put "porch" in the post title, but umm... we don't have one. We have stairs. A "stoop" if you will. So I made Sam come with me and we bought 3 hay bales (courtesy of Walmart, thank you very much) and some pumpkins and we got busy. Last fall, I bought a scarecrow from Walmart (love that place) for $8. Awesome. Except we lived in a 3rd floor apartment, which = a balcony, which = no one sees your cute scarecrow. Cue this year, new house, which means Randall, my scarecrow (yes, everything has a name) made his debut on our stoop :) We also have a fake pumpkin that has a carved-out face. I just put him out there for kicks :)

No, it's not a hard arrangement. No, it wasn't expensive. And no, it's not "magazine" styled. But it's fallish and fun and it makes me do :) when I drive up, so there. Did anyone else create a fun, fall porch that makes you go :) when you drive up? Do share!

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