Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feelin' Like a Slacker

Sorry for the not-so-updated posts! We went to Dallas this weekend to visit the parents and it was a LOVELY weekend! I have some pictures, but alas... my purse w/my camera is in the other room ;)

Thursday night: arrived in Grand Prairie around 9:00. Visited with the parents and had yummyyy Taco Cabana (oh how I've missed you)!

Friday morning/afternoonish: Nate and I headed to the State Fair of Texas! We visited the new car shows, an exhibit on Tom Landry, watched a dog show, and ate the world famous Fletcher's corn dog, as well as tater twisters. YUM!

Hello there, Big Tex!

Fletcher's corn dog? Yes please!

A billion calories later? Worth every single one, even if my pants were a little snug later :)

Friday evening: We met up with my 2nd family (the Bills') and had Chinese food at one of our favorite places in Irving. YUM. Afterwards, we headed back to my parents' house to watch the RANGERS! Who, by the way, I am EXTREMELY PROUD of! I'm SO excited for them!!!!!
The little sister from another mister!! :)

Saturday: Nate and I went to Bank of America and closed our accounts (exciting, I know). Next, we headed with my parents to CHICK FIL A, I've missed you too!!!!! I had chick-n-mini's. Ummm... YES please :) Then we went to visit my grandparents, which is always a good time. After that, Nate and I met up with Emily and Scott for lunch at Pluckers (triple YUM! Can you tell this trip was about reuniting with some of our favorite food joints?). After eating, we headed to Mardel (Christian and Education bookstore... ch-ello, that's me and Nathan's careers = perfect store for us) for a quick shopping trip. We left Dallas around 5pm (after watching a bit o'the Rangers game!)

It was a GREAT weekend meeting up with family and friends, eating at our favorite places, and all around just enjoying our time.

However, we did get bit of a "bomb" dropped on us while we were home. Apparently, my dad has been having chest pains since July and they went to the doctor. It was decided that it was just reaallyyyy bad heartburn. Then in SEPTEMBER, the doctors looked at my dad's stats again (I guess they were bored?) and decided he needed to see a cardiologist... He went and had a stress test done a few weeks ago, and they were unable to detect blood flow to the bottom portion of his heart. Therefore, this coming Tuesday, they will be doing a heart catheter to inject dye in his blood stream. This will show exactly where his blood his flowing. If necessary (60% or more of blockage), they will put a stint his vein to open up for better flowage.

This is a very routine procedure and my grandpa has had it done THREE times (my dad will have the same doctor), but there are always risks. Please please please if you read this blog, keep him (Richard) in your prayers. Our God is the ultimate healer and I know He will get us all through this.

Have a great week and GOOOOO RANGERS!

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