Sunday, October 3, 2010

Picture Post!

I know, right?!


Excuse the quality of these images, they are all from my iPhone :)

First off, we'll start with the fall ambiance at Casa de Johnson. This is our dining room "buffet", with the new mirror we scored at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. This is also showcasing my Dollar General lamps, thank you very much :)

Here is our entertainment unit in the living room. This picture is VERY bright... I put a fall leaf garland at the top, along with a scarecrow. I have two candles that smell amazinggg and oh-so very fallish at the top corner cubbies. I also have a mini skeleton man who's holding a trick or treat sign... plus my wooden pumpkin that's cute too :)

Now onto my Warrenton purchases :)

I found this adorable Kindergarten religion book, and since I work at a Catholic school, I thought it seemed appropriate :) and only $1!

These Halloween letters are adorable!

This crate was used to pick grapes in California... now it is housing my throw blankets in my living room!

I thought this little wooden sign looked Halloweeny since it was black and orange w/crows. I've been into crows this season, Hobby Lobby has really cute decorations involving crows!

Look at this adorable yellow table! I love its color and the distressed look of it.

This chair is sitting in the corner of our guest bedroom. I like the simplicity of it and the age it gives off.

This is an old jar I found for $5 and a stenciled 'J' for $5 :) They both look great on our dining room "buffet"!

Another old jar for $2. I put fall leaves in it :) It's sitting behind the subway art I created for mine and Nathan's hometowns. It's a nice reminder when we are missing our family that's 4 hours away.

Another old jar :) and that vase has twine that I hot glued around it for a more "rustic/farmhouse" look.

So there are the latest editions to our home. Simple things that give the house character :) We are wanting to create a collected look, and not that our whole house came out of a catalog. It's getting there!

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