Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Fun Weekend

My parents came in town this weekend! It is always so much fun when they come :) It's nice to get a little Dallas down here in the Burg.

Friday night, we all went to the Schulenburg/Weimar varsity game. Now, Sburg and Weimar are HUGE rivals, like GP/South (my high school and its rival). It's 2A football, so it slightly varies from the 5A I grew up on, but it was still fun! We had to leave after halftime though because after the game, Nate was having a 5th quarter fellowship at the church. There was a great turnout! Over SIXTY kids... and last year, there were about 40! That is a fantastic number, showing that on average, we have about 10 kids in the youth group currently. We had food, giveaways, loud music, volleyball, pool, ping pong, etc. It was a great way to show the kids of Sburg that we care about them and that they are welcome to our church anytime. Fun way to fellowship and minister!

Saturday, we woke up superrr early and headed to WARRENTON! It's the last weekend :( Sigh, but it was fun. Dad opted to stay at our house with Chloe and watched football (he's not a fan of crowds). So Nate, mom, and I headed out around 8am. I bought...

1. Cute letters that spell out "Halloween"
I put these on our "buffet" in the dining room. They are wooden letters that are "halloween" themed (the "l"s are ghosts, there are spiders, its black/orange/purple, etc) and it's super cute. $10

2. Creepy crow sign
$7. It is wooden and orange/black with crows and says something about pegs on it. I thought it would be a nice, vintage Halloween decoration.

3. French ceramic plate
$10. I'm going to create a plate wall in the hall from the kitchen to our bedroom, more on that project later :) I'm really excited about it and it's going to be cutteee.

4. New collar for Chloe
Zebra stripes, lime green and white. Plus, hers was getting a little ragged. $10

5. Old grape picking crate
$20. I had been looking at the crates all day knowing I wanted to get one for SOMETHING. I saw a gorgeous one.. for $90, psh. Then I came across this beauty: distressed wood, imprinted with "California Canners and Growers" (?) with a splash of red (hello living room!) for $25. Yes please. I "haggled" it to $20. Holler. The salesman informed me that it was used to pick grapes. Neat! Now it will be used as a house for throw blankets.

(I will create one post that has pictures of all my fun finds from both Warrenton trips... again, it's hard without my camera charger and I have to resort to iPhone photos!)

When we got home, they all watched football and I took a nap :) Then we had Mexican food at a local restaurant! Yum! Today we all went to church, ate lunch, and the parents just left :(

Now, Sam and I are about to go shop at the Schulenburg flea market (see if I can find a couple of new plates for my plate wall), then off to buy pumpkins for my front stoop decor! Pictures to come :)

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