Saturday, November 6, 2010


Home Goods. Yes, I FINALLY found one in the Houston area. After reading and reading and reading and READING about everyone and their mothers going to Home Goods, finding amazing finds at Home Goods, I said, "NATHAN, we've got to find one!" Luckily, we did that last night.


We were in the Katy-Houston area doing some Christmas shopping (yes, we started!), and a light buld went off: look Home Goods up on my iPhone map! That little tool is amazing. We followed the directions and voila!

First up, their glassware selection. I am a SUCKER for glass vases. Arrange them in a group of three, have it as a centerpiece with some flowers or other vase filler, lovelyyy. And all the colors/shapes/sizes, thank you very much HG.

Next, BASKETS. I am a huge fan of baskets. Have an empty space? Put a basket :) adds awesome texture and hidden storage if needed. I'm currently in need of four square baskets for our dining room "buffet". The selection was fun to sift through!

Did I mention that HG has amazing prices? Not sure if you can tell in this picture, but this clock is ginormous. GINORMOUS. And also $25. What?! We may have to go back. That clock would look lovely in our living room :)

The lamp selection was awesome! Lots of different bases with different colors, as well as many-a drum shade (which makes my heart smile). I really liked this blue and brown one (those are our bedroom colors), and you can see a small portion of the massive lamp selection in the background.

This is where I found my gem: this lamp. Yes, kind of looks like an egg or a bird cage, but my eyes lit up when I saw it. And the price tag made it oh-so much more lovely:

I've got some plans for this baby. Stay tuned to see what I come up with!


  1. I was just thinking today that we has a Home Goods in our area! I'm a bit jealous!

    When I did the washer necklaces, I did them on our concrete garage floor, and used a really heavy hammer that my husband has. It took one or two good whacks and I had a perfect stamp. I hope this helps!

  2. Wow...I need to slow down when I'm typing and proof read!

    *I wish we had a Home Goods in our area. Sorry! I can't make my fingers go as fast as my mind goes.


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