Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Candle

I just shared about my new "candle of the month", so here is February's candle.

February's candle was given to me as a birthday gift (my birthday is in December, but I received this gift from my principal in January). It is called "Caramel Pecan" from the Better Homes and Gardens line at WALMART. Heck yes :) It smells divineeeee.

Do you see a pattern? I like candles that smell like food... I'm weird. I promise I also like regular smelling candles :) Again, the gift of inexpensiveness: this candle is $11. It comes with this lamp thingy that goes on the top themed for Christmas, but I just popped it off and now I can enjoy it year-round! Hooray!

This candle sits on our coffee table in the living room. Our home has constantly smelled like sweet, almost cinnamon-y goodness. Yum.

Maybe for March, I will have a lighter, clean-smelling candle... but I also purchased another candle that smells like a certain morning beverage... We shall see :)

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