Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well, I am taking an idea from Holly @Life In the Fun Lane that has to do with candles. Each month, she shares a new candle she is enjoying.

I have always liked candles, but I have never been a candle "super fan" until Christmas. Ever since Christmas, Nate and I have agreed to have a candle lit at ALL times if we are home. Being in a minister household, you NEVER know who will drop by and at what time... so, let me start with January's candle!

This candle is called "Sugar Cookie" from Darsee and David's Fragrance Collection.  It was in my stocking from my in-laws for Christmas (hence why the super-fan-ness of candles started happening around Christmas time). It was purchased at Hobby Lobby :) so you know it has to be good.

I don't believe that candles have to be expensive in order to make your home smell lovely and to make your home more comfy and cozy. This candle was only $10, which makes my heart and my wallet smile. And it smells fantastic: JUST like cookies, sweet, but not too in your face.

This candle sits in our front foyer on our new entry desk (where we store mail and messages). Its simple elegance makes the entry feel more home-y and relaxing.

Stay tuned for February's candle!

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  1. Mmm.... those candles look wonderful! I love you!


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