Saturday, March 5, 2011

Entry Art

(I borrowed this idea from somewhere and I have NO idea where: if it was you, please let me know so I can give you credit!)

This is a great way to keep your entry updated with the seasons and different occasions that happen throughout the year (it's straight and level, I promise! I take crooked pictures...)

Where I originally saw this, it was made with wood pieces. Well- I didn't have any wood pieces around, but I did have cork squares :) To do this, you need photo corners (which is something you would use for scrapbooking). Thanks to my aunt who completely purged her scrapbook supplies over Christmas and gave me practically everything, I now have some :)

I measured my paper out, put the photo corners in the correct spots, and I was all set!

It brings those pops of color that we are wanting! My entry before was alllllll brown, black, beige (which are awesome, but we are wanting some pizazz). When I'm ready, I can totally pop those sheets out and add new ones! I could make scrapbook pages with photos, quotes, sayings: great for updating with seasons and holidays!

Thank you to whoever gave me this idea!!! :)


  1. Very cute- it actually looks like wood at first glance! Love it!


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