Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

I'm going to start a new blog series called "Friday Favorites". I've seen some varieties over blogland of "Things I'm Loving" etc. Here goes my soapbox... :)

This all started from a drama my youth group did like 10 years ago (when I was in middle school- I think, but my brother was in the high school choir that did this drama... maybe that's why I remember). Anyhoo, this drama started out with various high schoolers in a dialogue that went sorta like this:

1- Hey, I went to this pizza place last night.
2- Oh my gosh, I LOVEEEE their pizza! It's so good!
1- I know right! It's the best thing ever.
3- Hey what are y'all doing?
1 and 2- Oh my gosh, I LOVEEE your sweater!!!

etc. and so on.

Do you notice something? The drama went on to explain how we use the word "love" so freely, especially with materialistic things that are obviously not going to love us back. It continued to talk about the three types of love from the Bible, and how God's love for us is so powerful: we cannot even begin to comprehend. How can we use this same word to describe a sweater or food?

I've been feeling somewhat convicted of this: of using the word "love" too loosely, especially for materialistic things. I've been trying to say "enjoy", "adore", "like" instead of love. Please don't take offense to this if you say the word "love" like I described above: this is simply my blog and things that I have been thinking about and/or feeling. This is in no way a directional shot at anyone. This isn't to say I'm being perfect about it: I still catch myself saying "love" every once in a while. I'm working on it.

So here is where this "series" comes into play. It's called "Friday Favorites", basically things that I have been enjoying through the week. So- enough with the to-do's, here are mine for the week!

photo source
1. Tote bags! These things are so efficient, especially for teachers. I have a similar damask pattern bag to this one above, but I got mine at DOLLAR GENERAL for $4, holler! I take it back and forth to school, carrying anything from papers, lesson planner, teacher manuals, my lunch, wallet, keys, etc. The huge size makes for a practical bag choice for a teacher, and the pattern is fun too!

photo source
2. My Sirius radio. My husband will tell you otherwise, but I really do use it! Scratch that, I actually listen to it more at HOME on our Dish Network while I'm online or cleaning/organizing (my commute to work is 30 seconds, so I don't really have the time to enjoy it in the car). Zero commercials? Yes please. Favorite stations are The Pulse (basically pop music from the past decade), The Message (Christian), and The Highway (country). Oh how awesome it would be if they had a Texas Country station. Randy Rogers? Eli Young? Yes please.

photo source
3. My Tervis Tumbler cup! I have 3: one that has a black "C" on it that I purchased myself, the one pictured above (from a student for Christmas), and a leopard print one (from another student for Valentine's day: my class sure does know my taste)! Because I have 3, I keep one at the school and I refill my water every morning and every day at lunch. One thing you may not know about me: I only drink water. I mean, I'm not one of those people who likes to drink water. It's ALL. I. DRINK. I crave water. It's what I like to drink when I'm thirsty, with meals, or just to have. Even during winter, my co-workers could not BELIEVE I wasn't filling up on coffee. Gag. And my Tervis Tumbler doesn't leave a puddle of condensation on my teacher table :) Hooray for that.

photo source
4. This clutch :) My mama bought it for me last weekend at the UT-Austin Co-Op (of all places). We are big Longhorn fans: my brother went there and graduated in '06 and I almost went there: I got accepted into my school, had a start date, my major lined up: my brother, however, swayed me.... "Chrissy, I'm not sure if you'll like it... it's really big. And people here are different... and mean. And you're sweet and conservative. I mean, I'll be here and we'll have fun, but I'm just not sure you'll like it." So I listened and went to DBU instead (which was SUCH a better choice: I mean, I met my husband, ch-ello)! Anyways, back to the clutch: anytime my family is in Austin, we usually stop at the Co-Op to update our Longhorn attire. This clutch is a good way to sport my burnt orange pride. And to those of you who think that if you didn't go to that school, you can't cheer for them.... Honestly, find something else to complain about. I can be a Longhorn fan all I want: sorry my university didn't have a football team: another soapbox for another day :) 

photo source
5. Yumm-o 100 Calorie Mini Fudge Striped Cookies! I won't write a long, detailed description of these... They're just delicious. And 100 calories. Athankyou :)

Sorry this turned into a long rant/detailed description/rambling post: when you have the night to simply enjoy at home, it lets your writing bug escape :) Happy weekend!

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  1. Hey Chrissy! Good post. i feel the same way about saying love, but unfortunately I have a really bad habit of saying it and have struggled to stop. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!

    And the clutch is adorable!! Casual, dressy, and cute- the perfect combo!


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