Friday, April 22, 2011

Silhouette Art

If you haven't invested in a Silhouette, please please do. It is a fancy shmancy paper/vinyl cutter that you can use for cut-out letters, or as a stencil for painting.

 Here's what I created.

1 canvas
brown paint
white paint
blue paint
Silhouette machine
cardstock (used as my stencil)

I typed out my desired wording through the Silhouette software and printed it out. Next was the task of popping all the letters out. Now, I am oober-lazy, so I didn't save the middles of the letters (i.e. "o", "a", "e", "d", "b", etc), but I think it gives the art a more vintage feel. If I show you more projects, I'm sure you will notice more middles missing :)

Next was the task of placing it where I wanted it on my canvas. I painted the white canvas with my brown paint, it almost looks like wood. Score.

Turned out SO good. This is a sign for Nate's office at the church. When he's getting stressed or bogged down, just look at this as a reminder of God looking out for you :)

Sorry for the lame picture quality. I'm hoping to get better with using the "good" camera and editing during the summer when I haven't been with five and six-year olds all day :)

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  1. Hi!
    I found your link at Tatertots and Jello and, wow, I LOVE this project! What a fun, modern looking piece with a fantastic Scripture quote. I like everything about it! I really do need to get a Silhouette...sigh. Anyway, thanks for sharing your awesome idea! I'm your newest follower.



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