Friday, April 22, 2011

Easy (and most likely unhealthy) Pizzas!

That title sure gets you going, huh?

Everyone may already know this "recipe", but this is an easy go-to meal for Nate and I when we are tired from a long day: crescent bread pizzas!

It's so simple: one can of 8 count crescent rolls, pizza sauce, and your fav pizza toppings. Follow the directions for the crescents (on the can) and you're done.

Mmm. We have our own special pizzas too:
Mine: cheese, cheese, and cheese (told ya I'm picky)

Nate: cheese, pepperoni, and olives (green, black, doesn't matter to him!)

Our idea of a "candlelit" dinner during the busy week: using the coffee table as our dining table, one large room candle, paper towels as napkins, and Glee in the background. :)

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