Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eye Candy- Master Bedroom

Only 15 more school days left (but who's counting?) and I am already itching at the home projects I hope to complete this summer. We have two major outdoor projects - groan, only because of the Texas heat - involving front year landscaping and backyard patio building. However, since Nate will still be working, and those jobs are definitely two-person, I hope to tackle some indoor decor jobs on my own (keeping in mind that I still need to do classroom things too)!

A huge perk of Pinterest (I promise they're not paying me, it's just THAT good of a website) is that it helps me remember some projects/color schemes I want to create for our home. Yes, we haven't even been in our current home for a year, but when I decorated, I went for brown... brown... brown... It's such a classic and warm color, but I feel trapped in a brown bubble. That's why I'm eager to select a few new color schemes - on a budget - to redecorate some rooms.

These new additions will come primarily in accessories. I am ::crossing fingers:: that I won't need to repaint. That is the worst. So today, I will show you the inspiration photo for our master bedroom. Right now, our bedroom walls are a subtle light blue with brown accents. The combo is gorgeous, but I feel that there is too much brown. So here's the inspiration, coming from this blog Decorista Daydreams:

The best part? NO PAINTING THE WALLS, wahoo! It pretty much matches our existing paint color. They added a white chair rail, maybe some low board and batten? It's hard to tell. Our nightstands are a dark wood (brown), and I do not want to change those out. We have beige lanterns (same color as these above, but they are paper lanterns in a rectangular shape). The main job: a new comforter/sham/sheet set. That would make a WORLD of difference. Also, those gold poufs are fun! 

A major expense we have is that we are needing a new bed. We are still sleeping in the full (yes, full) bed my parents gave to us for our apartment. Our bedroom can definitely handle a king, so that's another hunt. Our main go-to source is, mainly because all shipping is $2.50 (I believe) regardless if you buy a t-shirt or a bedframe. A-mazing.

Lastly, our current bedroom has wall-to-wall carpet. This was the new addition to our 1950 home, and they decided to carpet this room. Needless to say, with two puppies, the carpet is a disaster. Not because they "potty" on it constantly, oh no (they are both house-trained). Our bedroom has a door to the backyard, and in the wee hours of the morning when our pups insist on using the backyard for potty reasons, we sleepily forget to check their paws for wetness/mud from the morning dew. Lame. So our wish is to pull up ALL of the carpet and install laminate flooring. Another major expense.

I will keep you posted with continued progress, so for now, enjoy the eye candy :)

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  1. ah! i can't see the picture...:( but i am the same way with the brown theme for the entire house! when we did our wedding registry, we hadn't found our house yet so i had nothing to go off now i've had the itch to change it up too! i hope you're able to tackle your projects!!


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